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Special Welcome to YOU from Dara!

December 02, 2017

You're welcome to the CareGirl website!

I'm super excited that my uncle has helped me build my website so you can enjoy learning about my journey of reaching out the homeless and poor people.

No one deserves not to have the comfort in life, and I want to help in any way I can to put a smile back on their faces.

So please come back for my updates as I continue to reach out to the lost and broken.

Thank you

Dara xxx

Afterschool trip to Romford

December 06, 2017


Who is having a lovely Christmas season?  I know I am! But some people are not. And these are the homeless. All over the world, the homeless people don't have a very good Christmas. They are cold, uncomfortable and unhappy because they either have a worn out sleeping bag or no warm accessories. This is not right!

Today, I went to Romford after school with my mum and my brother to give out my blessing bags we found one man in a tunnel so we decided to give him one he was really happy and he looked really grateful.

Bye, see ya next time!

Care for the Homeless - Blessing Bags

December 06, 2017

Blessing Bags for the Homeless

It's sad when you walk on the streets and see someone with no home to live in and they have to sleep on the floor with no food, no clothes. They don't shower and are not able to look after themselves like we can.

When I was 6 years old, I got an idea to start to give blessing bags to homeless people. My parents helped me buy stuff like shower gel, toothpaste, toothbrushes, to keep them nice and clean. We also got socks and gloves to keep them warm, and snacks so they don't get too hungry. We packed them in freezer bags and handed it to people on the streets.

I have been doing this since then, and sometimes my parents would give me some money to get the stuff, and sometimes I sold my homemade lip balms to help get more money to buy them.

Now we don't use freezer bags anymore because I now have my own personalized Dara's blessing bags so the homeless people can have a bag to keep their stuff in.

love from Dara xxx

Thank you!

December 08, 2017

Two weeks ago, CareGirl asked people to kindly donate so that we could raise £480 to get 40 blessing bags and 40 sleeping bags. Amazingly, we've raised over 200% of our target. Today, on our JustGiving page, we have £1010, and other people have given money to my mum and dad and we have £90 from that.

We wanted to get duvets initially, but with the money we've got, we have been able to buy sleeping bags, and now we can give to more than 40 people.

Thank you to everyone that has given. I really appreciate your help.

love from Dara xxx

Trip to Southend

December 08, 2017

 I visited Southend with my brother and my mum to give out our blessing bags and sleeping bags.

My dad was at work, but during his break, he was on the phone with us for nearly one hour while we drove around!

.We met 2 homeless ladies and got to speak with them and ask for their names.

They were extremely grateful and at that point, I knew because of all the homeless people that God has allowed us to take care of that CareGirl was meant to happen!

Love, Dara xxx

My interview with Time107.5

December 12, 2017

Yesterday, my mum picked me up early from school because I had to go to a radio station [Time107.5 fm] in Romford at 3 o'clock..

I was interviewed on the radio by an interviewer named Tom. He asked me questions about caregirl and the Christmas mission.

I spoke about how it all started, and also about what we put in the blessing bags and the other missions coming up.

It was so much fun.

We stayed up till 9pm when it was played on radio.

So now LOTS of people can help the homeless.

You can listen to the Interview on YouTube HERE.

See our feature on Time107.5 UK Facebook page

 From Dara xxx

My day at school!

December 14, 2017

Today, I had a great day at school. I got to show my headteacher my blessing bags and spoke to teachers and some children in my school about CareGirl and the Christmas mission.

My story was played on the radio by TimeFM as part of their news bulletin every hour all through the day! My classmates got to listen to the one at 9 o'clock.. They were really proud of me.

Everyone in my school was extremely supportive and they all encouraged me. 

I''m glad so many people have the heart to help those in need..

Dara xxx

My Birthday trip

December 21, 2017

Yesterday, I had such an amazing day - I finally turned 9!!!

 I had to wake up early in the morning to go to 'The Source' in Barking to give out my blessing bags and sleeping bags with my brother Demi.

We stopped at the shop on our way to get a few more toiletries as we had run out of some supplies for the blessing bags. oops!!!

The Source is a place in the shopping centre at Barking where homeless people and people in need pop in to for a few hours during the day if they don't have anywhere else to go. They get to eat and keep warm instead of sitting out in the streets. 

At The Source, I had a lovely time. I met lots of people and got to give out so many bags. They all seemed very grateful and told me I was doing a really good job. I met a lovely lady called Amanda who is the manager there. She looks after the people that come in and makes sure everyone is comfortable - she gave me a lovely birthday present and a card...

I feel very blessed that I have a home with a family who loves me, but it's sad that some people don't and they don't have a home to spend Christmas this year.

My day ended really well. I had some of my friends over to celebrate my birthday. We all had fun playing games and eating lots of food and treats. We particularly enjoyed eating the homemade chicken nuggets!!!

Have a lovely Christmas.

Love.....Dara xxx. 

Doing the caregirl account 

February 11, 2018

Hello, sorry its been a long time since I've written but I still run the charity .I've been really busy with school but now it is the half term and I am free to write.

This week I plan to go to London to give out blessing bags which sounds extremely exciting. As well as seeing cool places we also get to help people which is super exciting..

I'm so happy about all the money caring people donated over the Christmas period. I was able to give out a lot more blessing bags than I had planned and still had spare money left! So thank you, everyone.

In the picture on this blog, that was me having a meeting with my mum and dad to teach me how to take care of the CareGirl accounts. I had to write out all the money we have received, how much we've spent and how much we have left. It was complicated at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was actually really easy.

In case you're wondering why I have a potato connected to my calculator! Well, I made a potato battery - and it really works!!!

I'll write all about my trip to London later on the week before school starts again next week,

Thanks for reading!

My Feb trip to Romford

February 18, 2018

Today, I went to Romford with my family to give out 'Dara's blessing Bags'.

I  met 3 homeless people on the CareTrip which were surprisingly all men. There always seems to be more men than women. I wonder why...

It is hard to see so many homeless people on the streets that I can't help, but I must always look at the positive side by remembering all the people that I am able to reach. And I will continue to help as many people as I can.

I look forward to when I'm able to give out more bags!


this is Dara singing ...out.

My trip to Ramsgate, kent

May 2, 2018

Hi, hope you are well! I went to my brother's school to visit him.  

We brought some blessing bags just in case. There were many homeless people which broke my heart to see them live on cardboard.

Unfortunately, we didn't bring enough blessing bags so we couldn't help many.. On the bright side, we helped quite a few.

This was the first time our blessing bags would get to Kent! 

Nice talking to you! Bye 

Love Dara. God bless you.

Summer is here!!!

July 26th , 2018

The summer holidays is finally here! The weather has been really hot lately.

I just broke up from a long summer term at school. Wow ! I can't believe i'm going into year 5. What year are you going to ? 

.CareGirl has some amazing plans for this summer holidays. Our projects are to donate food bags packed with food items like pasta, cereal, soups etc to food banks where they can be given to families that can't afford to buy food..

We also plan to donate school stationeries to children in a school in Nigeria..

I am looking forward to having a fun time playing and doing lots of fun activities before school starts again in September!

Love Dara. God bless

Dara's Beautique

July 30th , 2018

Hi,. this summer Dara's Beautique has worked extra hard making natural products. Our new addition, as well as lipbalm, are candles!  

They are scented , homemade  and all natural. 

Our lip balms and candles have lots of amazing flavours including strawberry, banana, bubblegum, peppermint, orange, blueberry, vanilla.

If you would like to purchase any of Dara's Beautique lip balm or candles, send us an email using the contact form. In the email please say what flavour you would like, what you would like and what quantity.We promise to contact you back within 72 hours.

These candles will scent up your house amazingly. We also have some new scents for the lipbalm!

Thank you so much for reading this.  

Dara's Beautique (written by Dara's mum)

August 11th, 2018

Hi! I'm Tutu, Dara's mum. I have taken permission from Dara to write in her blog! I wanted to write a bit on the story of Dara's Beautique!

As you know, she started giving out her blessing bags in 2015 when she was about 6years old.. This was funded by her dad and I. 

Dara has always said she would like to own her own make up brand ( according to her when she grows up, she'd like to run her charities, be a fashionista and a part time dentist!)

While away on holiday in Spain in the Autumn of 2015, she stumbled on a online tutorial for homemade lipbalm, after which she came up with the idea of making them at home to help raise money for her blessing bags.

As time went on, we started researching more on this, and decided to make healthy, all natural products.

We recently both attended a course so she could perfect making them., this has really stirred up her interest in making natural products and she has since added on natural homemade scented candles.

It has been amazing watching her learn important life skills, and understanding that whatever you have been blessed with is not just for you, but it is important to share with others who may not be as fortunate as you are.

Proceeds from the sales of her products would go towards getting the supplies for her blessing bags. This summer, she has decided to get food items to donate to a food bank and also get school supplies which we would send to children in Nigeria


selling Dara's Beautiqué products today

August 11th, 2018

Today I went to out with my mum where she was invited to speak to the women in a church in London.  I took Dara's Beautique lipbalms and candles with me.

I set the products up on a table and lots of people had a look. I sold a lot of lipbalms and candles.

Thank you so much to everyone that bought the products. You have all helped to sponsor the CareGirl summer projects.

thanks for reading this.  

Shopping today

August 19th, 2018

My mum and dad took me shopping today to buy items with the money we've raised.

This week i've Sold $102..50 worth of Dara's Beautiqué products. I sold loads of lipbalms and candles. It has been really fun selling. I feel like a businesswoman !!!

We sold some items to people who live on my street as my nieghbors are welcoming and friendly..

We also sold a lot of lip balms to people at my mum's work. A nice lady at my mum's surgery called Sarah also helped to sell the stuff.

Making the lip balm and candles is the BEST!!!!! Learning the recipe wasn't fun but once I got used to it ,it became much more fun. Sometimes I make some just to decorate my house. 

At the shops we bought loads of food items as well as toiletries, we had to think of what people might need to help them live a bit better.

. I really look forward to taking them to the foodbank tomorrow!

thanks for reading 

Visit to the Thurrock Food Bank

August 20th, 2018

Today , I went to the Thurrock foodbank to donate bags full of food. 

I had an amazing day and met the lovely people who volunteer there. I got to learn about how they help people by giving them food items, toiletries and even baby food and nappies.

A lovely lady there showed me how to pack a box. That was so much fun. I was given a list of things needed for a single person for a week, and I got to go round the warehouse picking food to pack in the box. I really do hope the person likes the stuff I packed for them!

Have a look in the gallery to see me packing a box of food ..I even got to label the box, write the expiry date and write in the book. 

Lots of people really need food and other items, and the foodbank needs us all to keep donating things.

If you want to donate , you can visit their website if you click the link down below :

Hopefully we'll keep selling Dara's beautique lipbalms and candles to get some more money to donate more items to the food bank.

see you next time. bye

Packing stationery packs for year 5 children in Akinsemoyin primary school, Lagos, Nigeria

September 6th, 2018

It's been a very busy summer holiday, but I'm excited school is starting soon. I am really looking forward to being in a new class.

As you know, this summer I have been selling Dara's Beautique lip balm and candles and I have been able to get lots of supplies for children in primary 5 at Akinsemoyin primary school, in Lagos, Nigeria,

My aunty tells me the kids don't really have things to help them learn. They don't even have the right books to study.

Today, my mum and dad helped me pack the stationery we bought. we got pencil cases and filled with pencils, pens, rulers, rubber, sharpeners, and we also got them sweets!

My aunt lives in Nigeria and she has promised to take them there. I would have loved to go, but school resumes in a few days.

see you next time. bye

Caregirl Stationery donation 

September 21st, 2018

I'm so excited! 

My aunt went to Akinsemoyin Primary school in Lagos,Nigeria ,to give out the caregirl pencil cases to the kids in year 5. She spoke to them about making a difference and being the best they could be.

The kids were very glad to get the gifts, and I hope it will encourage them to work hard and keep doing their best in school.

It was nice to see pictures of the kids in the same year as me and I wonder how it would have been if I was there and they were here! 

I was sad because the kids don't have the kind of things we have here in the UK, like whiteboards, laptops, libraries. They don't have the opportunities we have. 

I really would like to help them get things to make learning better and a lot more fun for them. I plan to keep working really hard to make sure I am able to donate more items to them.

Thank you for reading my blog :)

My award nominations

October 12th, 2018

I am so elated to have been told that I have been nominated for two awards!!!.

We found out a few weeks ago that I have been nominated for the TruLittle heroes samaritan award for Caregirl. And we were surprised when we looked on their website and realized I'd actually also been nominated for the Enterpreneur award for Dara's Beautique!

Lots of people have been so supportive and have voted for me. The awards ceremony is on the 10th of November, there I would find out if I won any of the awards.

Even if I don't win any of them, I'm very proud to have been nominated in the first place.

So I'll let you know in four weeks time how it goes at the awards ceremony! 

See you next time.


TruLittle Hero awards

November 10th, 2018

Today was such a lovely day.

I was blessed to get TWO awards for Caregirl charity (samaritan award) and Dara's Beautique (Entrepreneur award)

It was an amazing experience, and I feel so privileged to have been recognised.

I am grateful to have been nominated and to everyone that voted for me

Congratulations to all the other children that got awards for their music, sports and academic excellence.

Caregirl Birthday mission trip to The Source

December 18th, 2018

I went to the Source at Vicarage fields in Barking again this year to celebrate my birthday by giving Blessing Bags to the homeless people.

It was a lovely day speaking with the lovely men and women at the centre.

My friend, Anita came with me, and she loved every second of it too.

It's really sad to see so many people homeless and away from their families and friends at Christmas.

We get lots of presents and a lovely Christmas meal, while some others just end up in the cold and o cardboard boxes.

I hope everyone can spare some time to put a smile on the faces of others this Christmas. 

Caregirl JustGiving page!!!

October 19th, 2019

I went to the Nightingale Angels' cafe in Barking on Wednesday 16th October 2019 with my mum.We helped in the kitchen and I even served someone's plate. It was so much fun to pour the juice for them . 

Before we left, they mentioned a Christmas party on Christmas Day!!!They also wanted to put the elderly people in hotels so they needed a lot of money.We decided to raise money to give 60 blessing bags and 60 sleeping bags .Any extra or left over will be donated to them.We are also going to attend the Christmas party.

The nightingale angels recently went on a sleep out to raise money. It must have been very cold

It's sad to see people homeless on the cold streets on Christmas day .

This is the link to the page